Friday, October 12, 2012

Preparing for Martyrdom...Are You Ready?

Grab your rosaries.

Yesterday in Argentina dozens of Catholics gathered to encircle their parish to protect it from desecration during a national feminist conference (traditionally known for its desecration of Catholic churches). The Catholics prayed the rosary out loud while a mob of angry feminists yelled at, spat on, and spray painted them as they proceeded to desecrate the church! It is a very hard video to watch. (Warning: some of the women are topless and 2 make out with each other in front of praying Catholics. That is only a small part of the video, but it is there, just so you're warned. Most of the video is the catholic people praying intently (the rosary) while the feminists scream at, poke, draw, and spat on them.)

Captured in the video is the spirit of martyrdom. It is a sobering call to the fact that this may very well be our country in the near future. The anger against Catholics (and all Christians!) is building rapidly in our country, and the persecution is subtly creeping in. For example: as you probably know, the HHS mandate REQUIRES Catholic organizations, colleges, agencies to provide insurance coverage for abortion and contraception (or pay a HUGE penalty cost), which is inherently against our Church teaching completely---it is completely unconstitutional for the government to force us to do something against our religion. And yet, it passed. This is how the hatred against ALL Christians begins to creeps in bit by bit. Before you know it, we're being spat on in the streets and beaten.

May the Lord have mercy on our world.

And I am left asking myself, "Am I ready?"

Pray. Pray hard. Make ready.

Click to watch (viewer discretion advised).

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